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Inspiring the highest type of womanhood 

Welcome to the official page of the Gamma Phi Beta-Gamma Tau Chapter, located at Saint Louis University. As the oldest Panhellenic sorority on campus, we are proud to have to have upheld the values and traditions of Gamma Phi for over fifty years. 


Whether you're visiting our site as a potential new member, parent, alumni, or current member, we are so happy you're here and we look forward to showing you our sisterhood, philantrophy, and much more. 

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Our organizations

Gamma Phi Beta- Gamma Tau is proud to have both Girls Inc. and Girls on the Run as our chapter philantrophies.What makes us unique is that we support two organizations instead of just one. This means that we get to live out our mission on both a national level and a local one. Click on our philantrophy page at the top of the site to learn more. 

Get to know us on our blog!

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